Now, you have a solutIon partner In technology and software development! We work with expert and the best IT companies. We enable you to use your resources correctly by saving time, effort and money. We propose a solution, not a dream. By the correct use of technology, we are aiming to leave both a better Turkey and a livable World as well. Technology for Next Generatıons We will be a global brand exporting software. Turkish software developers take part in global projects. What does Age Provocateur do? Combines The Right Projects with The Right Software Developers, We make projects come to life.

Game Changers

Age Provocateur was founded by Marketing Proffessional Duygu Birecikli and Tech Coach Gülşah Akın. Age Provocateur has been founded to adapt brands to Industry 4.0, provoked brands to complete digital transformation of all departments including production, sales, HR, marketing, quality control, P&D, R&D. Operating with the mission of bringing “The right projects together with the right software developers“, Age Provocateur was established to meet all the technological and software needs of its customers, with the IT companies in its portfolio, in the most appropriate and correct way.


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